2024 Election Results

2024 Election Results

3rd April, 2024

The official recount for Division 5 was completed today, with the winning margin being only 158 (which was 160 before the recount was approved by ECQ).

5, 050 – TRAVIS

5, 208 – RENDALLS

10, 258 – Formal Votes

479 – Informal Votes

The winning margin was 1.54% of Formal Votes, 1.47% of all legal votes (Formal and Informal). 81.83% of people officially eligible to vote actually cast a vote.

I did not ask for a recount because I had expected any significant change in result, but because of the number of inconsistencies and discrepancies I personally had noted and also had been informed of throughout the counting process.

Even today a Div 6 vote was found in the Div 5 count that had made it undetected right up until the recount.

All up, about a dozen votes were reclassified today.

The most important reason for the recount was to ensure that every legal vote was counted – as far as humanly possible – in the way the voter intended. And I truly feel that after today, that was the result.

So, as always I intend to continue my years of community support work, though this won’t be from inside Council, trying to achieve change from “inside the machine”.

Once again I would like to thank my entire team, especially Gary Watt who worked cleanly and honestly and refused to take the low road – politics SHOULD be better than it has been and I still hold out hope that in the future it will be.

I would also like to pass my congratulations on to our Mayor Jos Mitchell, and say how proud of her I am. Well done, Jos, and you will have my support and the support of a great many people across not only SMBI and Division 5, but the whole of the Redlands (and wider). It was a privilege being part of the #LeadingChange team.

Mayor – Jos Mitchell
Div 1 – Wendy Boglary
Div 2 – Brian McDonald
Div 4 – Lance Hewlett
Div 5 – Hilton Travis
Div 6 – Jasper Every
Div 9 – Adelia Berridge

What a team! 🙂