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Hilton Travis

Redland City Council Division 5 Candidate 2024

(Redland Bay and Southern Moreton Bay Islands)

Hilton Travis – Part of the Team Leading Change in the Redlands

It’s Time For Redland City Council
To Put Our Communities First

Right across the Redland City region people have become disheartened by the performance of the current Council – it’s time for Redland City Council to put our communities first. Whilst we have some Councillors who are community-minded, there are a number who need to be replaced. It will be a sobering change to have a Council that truly values our communities.

Jos Mitchell and Hilton Travis
Jos Mitchell and Hilton Travis – Leading Change

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about Hilton Travis

Hilton Travis is a very active community member, working closely with children 0-8 and their families, people with disabilities, older people, non-profit organisations, business owners and staff, and anyone who stops and chats. He takes part in the Bayside Housing and Homeless Network, Redlands Disability Network, Redlands Seniors Network, Redlands Children’s Network, and other community groups. His main focus is the health and wellbeing of our communities.


To govern for your community, you must first listen to and understand your community.

Strategic Vision

Teamwork across the entire Local Government Area benefits the whole region.

Professional Approach

If we claim to stand for something, we need to actually show we stand for it.

Hilton Travis has ties to the Redlands going back some 40 years. He has been living on Macleay Island for over 8 years and has been actively involved in community support right across the entire Southern Moreton Bay Islands and the wider Redlands region.

Without understanding who our community is, what our community needs, and the dreams and vision of our community, we cannot develop sustainable and acceptable strategic plans to progress our City. They say that “team work makes the dream work” and only by the whole Council working as a team – with our communities as the focus – can we bring positive results to everybody in the Redlands.

If we say that we stand for something, we must show we stand for it in our actions as Councillors and as a Council. Our actions as Councillors represent everyone in our Local Government Area. It is long overdue for the Redlands to be viewed by others in a positive light.

Hilton Travis
In The Media

Hilton is a very active community member and has spoken up about issues that affect the wider community.

Hilton has been featured in stories about SMBI…

Lack of infrastructure ‘unsustainable’ on Southern Moreton Bay Islands as population spikes

Hilton’s presentation for the 2020 Election…

Redland City 2020 Election Candidate Hilton Travis – Division 5

Community Leaders Put Community First

Our communities are crying out to be listened to and treated like they matter. We must listen to and act on the needs of our communities.