It’s Time For Positive Change

It’s time for positive change in SMBI, Redland Bay and right across the Redlands.

For years we’ve had loud voices claiming they will bring all sort of changes, yet the results have not lived up to these loud claims.  What we need is a strongeffective voice that can work well with others to bring true, positive change.

Hilton Travis has been active and effective across the community for over 6 years not only with our young families and children, but also with our older people, people with disability, people with mental health and other health conditions, people in housing stress or who have been homeless, people suffering sexual and domestic violence, and many local businesses and service providers.

The regular SMBI and Community Hubs, where many Service Providers from various sectors attend so our community members can meet them, ask questions, sign up for and receive the services we need have been run by both Hilton and Q Shelter for close to 2 years now – a very positive change in access to services for our community.

These Community Hubs have now been expanded to both Cleveland after their successful implementation on both Macleay Island and Russell Island back in 2022.

Hilton will work in Council to continue his positive work advocating for our community, addressing issues such as parking, toilets, bins, roads and footpaths, in a cooperative and effective way.

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