Hilton Travis

Hilton Travis – Part of the Team Leading Change in the Redlands

I’m running for Division 5 in the 2024 Redland City Council election because it is time for our Council to listen to and support the needs of our community.

I am a very active community member, working closely with children 0-8 and their families, people with disabilities, older people, non-profit organisations, business owners and staff, and anyone who stops and chats. I take part in the Bayside Housing and Homeless Network, Redlands Disability Network, Redlands Seniors Network, Redlands Children’s Network, and other community groups. My main focus is the health and wellbeing of our communities.

What prompted me to run for Council?

Having spent many years in conversation with many people mostly across Redland Bay and the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, it is very clear that many people are not at all happy with the Redland City Council and how the people of Redland Bay and SMBI feel they are treated.

There have been quite a number of people in the community who have asked if I’m going to run for Council so I can bring their voices to the table. I feel I am in a position where this is a logical next step. I’ve experienced many of the issues of trying to work with Council first hand and, to really help our communities, we need an overhaul of our Council. I am putting my money and my efforts where my mouth is.

Hilton Travis

Redland City Council Division 5 Candidate 2024

 Right across the Redland City region people have become disheartened by the performance of our Council – it’s time for Redland City Council to put community first. Whilst we have some Councillors who are community-minded, there are a number who need to be replaced. It will be a sobering change to have a Council that truly values our communities.

Community Support

Hilton is actively involved in a wide range of community support projects across the region, with the goal of increasing community resilience and capacity, as well as just helping those people who need a helping hand.

Team work makes the dream work – only by working as an active part of a team will positive results be achieved. See some of the many community projects Hilton has been involved with listed below…

Improve access to Aged Care and Disability Services across SMBI

Hilton, in his role of Humanist Chaplain as well as Facilitator of SMBI.Community, is working with ADA Australia, Advanced Support Coordination, Atlantis Aged Care Coordination, BlueCare, Carers Qld, Individualised Lifestyle Support Services, Joy2Care, Key Assets, Mable, Phoenix Care Providers, QuCare, Star Community Services, Trilogy Care, Wellways Carer Gateway, Metro South Health, Redlands Satellite Hospital, Department of Health and Aged Care, and more partners to ensure our Redlands region has improved access to Aged Care and Disability services.

Increase in Ambulance services across the SMBI region

Hilton, in his role of Vice President of the Macleay Island Local Ambulance Committee, worked with our State Member for Redlands, the then Deputy Premier and Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services, the Deputy Commissioner of Queensland Ambulance Service, Macleay Island Ambulance Station, Russell Island Ambulance Station and our community members to significantly increase the number of active Paramedics servicing SMBI, as well as having a dedicated Paramedic for the Ambulance ferry.

Establish a SMBI-wide Neighbourhood e-Watch program

Hilton, in his role of Humanist Chaplain as well as Facilitator of SMBI.Community, is working with our State Member for Redlands, the Queensland Police Service Bayside Crime Prevention unit, the Macleay Island Police Station, the Russell Island Police Station, the Redland Bay Police Station and our community members to establish a SMBI-wide Neighbourhood e-Watch program to enable a better working relationship between our community and our Police.

Establish a Child Health Connector Service for SMBI

Hilton, in his role of President of SMBI Listeners Inc., worked with Brisbane South Primary Health Network, Childrens Health Queensland, and Bayside Salvation Army, as well as our community members to establish the Child Health Connector Service for SMBI which is a free service that connects families with children aged 0-8yrs to health services on the islands and mainland.

Increase in availability of Child Health Nurses across SMBI

Hilton, in his role of President of SMBI Listeners Inc., worked with Childrens Health Queensland, Macleay Island Progress Association, Bayside Salvation Army, and our community members to establish a SMBI Bubs & Families group on Macleay Island and Russell Island to give parents a place to come and meet and also to increase community access to Child Health Nurses.

Establish regular SMBI Community Hubs for health, housing and other services

Hilton, as Facilitator of SMBI.Community, works closely with our State Member for Redlands, Q Shelter, Metro South Health, Qld Department of Housing, Footprints Community, Individualised Lifestyle Support Services, BlueCare, Star Community Services and Redland City Council. He also works with many other local and mainland service providers, as well as our community members, to provide our SMBI community with health and wellbeing information and services to improve access to the support we need, when we need it.

Develop a website for SMBI Community information

Hilton has developed and hosted the SMBI.Community website which not only houses information about SMBI Wildlife, and the SMBI Community Hubs, but contains information about Emergency and Disaster Preparedness, Health and Support Services available to SMBI and Redlands residents, Community Organisations and Government Resources available on SMBI, and also information about JP Services, Transport, a SMBI-wide Community Events Calendar and more.

Ongoing community support – Russell Island home fires

Hilton, in his role of Humanist Chaplain as well as President of SMBI Listeners Inc., worked closely with Kim Richards, our State Member for Redlands, David Crisafulli, the State Leader of the Opposition, Rebecca Young, LNP for Redlands, Redland City Council, Redland City Community Champions, Australian Red Cross, 1800Chaplain, Russell Island State School, Bay Islands Community Services, and numerous other business and services to provide support to the families and community members affected by this tragedy.

The ramifications and trauma from this event will be felt in our community for quite some time.

Creating Better Communities Through Conversation (And Coffee)

Between 2018 and 2020, until Covid restrictions were implemented, in his role as Humanist Chaplain, Hilton ran weekly Community Coffee events at the Blue Parrot Cafe, Scorpion Cafe, Club Macleay, Bay Islands Golf Club, Pub Paradise and the Op Shop for newcomers, long-term residents, and those who just wanted to get out of the house and have interesting conversation with people.

This was run as part of the “Macleay Island Community Outreach” Facebook Page which is still active.

Redland Coast Community Champions member

Hilton is a member of the Community Champions program. He has received the necessary training through the Australian Red Cross to operate evacuation centres if and when necessary.

Hilton was actively involved in the “Karragarra Island Water Main Emergency Response” which severely affected people on Karragarra, Lamb and Macleay Islands (2018).

Licensed wildlife rescuer and carer

Hilton has been rescuing and caring for wildlife on SMBI for a number of years. The SMBI Wildlife Page (part of the SMBI.Community website) gives information on local wildlife carers and nearby care organisations.

Hilton works with many South East Queensland based wildlife rescue and care organisations including Redlands Wildlife Rescue, Wildlife Rescue Qld, Wildcare, and Bat Conservation & Rescue Qld.

He also has rescue and care training and experience in NSW through WIRES.

Southern Moreton Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce

Hilton is a past Board Member of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce and helped represent the sizable non-profit sector across SMBI during Chamber meetings and various other meetings the Chamber is involved with, such as those with SeaLink.